Children's Roles and Responsibilities

Head Boy: 

Head Girl:

As Head Boy in our school, I have lots of responsibilities that I carry out weekly. One of these responsibilities, is handing out the certificates in our weekly Celebration Assembly. I enjoy celebrating other children’s achievements, and I am happy I can be part of their special moment in front of the school and their parents.  Recently, I have celebrated the sacrament of Confirmation and really enjoyed this experience with my school community and my family. Within school, I am also an Altar Server for our school Masses which a great opportunity and I enjoy having an important role within our school Masses. I also have the responsibility of counting the hosts before Mass and making sure we are organised before Mass begins. One of my other roles within school, is being a member of the Sports Council Committee, we meet each term to discuss how sports is led within our school and how we could look for ways to improve the facilities for the children at our school. I am proud to say that I have earned the Freestyler of the Year award at Wendy Bates School of Dance. I also have attended many sports events such as football, dodgeball and tag rugby.  

As Head Girl, I have many responsibilities and take my role in school seriously. I must make sure that other children are nice to each other, and I aim to set an example with my own behaviour. I try my best to make sure all children across the school are happy. Every Friday, I support our Headteacher during our Celebration Assembly by handing out the certificates to children who have excelled in their work each week. I am a catholic and I strive to live out our school values and virtues each day. I have recently received the sacrament of Confirmation and enjoyed celebrating this time with my school and family. I am also proud to be a Prayer Leader and have helped to organise liturgies for my year group. I have played an active role in various sports teams and, as Head Girl, I look forward to representing my school at tournaments and events.




















Deputy Head Boy:

Deputy Head Girl:



As Deputy Head Girl, I have many responsibilities and roles which I am committed to carrying out within school.  Firstly, like anyone in this school, I always try my best to make sure everyone is happy and enjoys their time in school as much as possible.  I am a caring person and I like to make sure I encourage people to make the right choices. I am proud to be a part of many clubs within school, and I am thankful to have the opportunity to get involved in a wide range of different activities: the Gospel Choir, the School Chaplains, the Orchestra, Violin, Steal Pans and Drums.  I love to be a part of the diverse musical groups we have at school, and I have been able to learn new skills, such as the Steel Drums.  I am a catholic child and I try to take my religion very seriously. Being a catholic, I aim to teach others about God and being one of his followers.  I was very grateful to receive the sacrament of Confirmation at our local church this year, and now I try to spread the word of God through my kind words and actions. 

School Parliament

Our school is a place where everyone is equal.  Each person’s voice deserves to be heard.  The school parliament aims to help make that happen.  Our School Parliament consists of a representative from each student team and each year group.  Guiding the way, our leader, deputy leader, speaker and chancellor help us to ensure everyone gets a chance to speak and that significant moral and financial principles are considered.  We see a key part of our job as giving back to the school which provides us with an excellent education each day.  We do this by raising funds to donate to particular subjects and projects within school through our Investment Grant programme.  Using the funds we have raised, we consider applications from the different school teams and assign pockets of money to them based on an internal parliamentary vote.  In addition, the funds we raise each year help support our trip to London to visit the Houses of Parliament and learn valuable lessons from the examples set by our government and opposition parties.

2022-23 School Parliament Powerpoint Presentation

School Chaplains


Altar Servers

The altar servers assist the priest with various tasks during Mass by helping to set up the altar and in conducting the liturgical rituals. They are also expected to set a good example to other pupils by paying attention during Mass, following the instructions of the priest, and participating in the service.

Digital Leaders


Eco Committee




Maths Champions


Mental Health Youth Ambassadors

It’s important to talk about how you feel with people you trust.  Our Mental Health Youth Ambassadors aim to help St Modwen’s students to share how they are feeling in honest, appropriate and respectful ways.  As well as setting up established areas for this kind of work to take place, our Ambassadors also run workshops and support children on a friendly 1-1 basis.  The group meet regularly to talk about how they feel too, and model the openness we hope will see our school continue to flourish.

Phunky Food Ambassadors




Sports Council

Through its activities, the Sports Council helps to promote physical fitness and team spirit throughout St Modwen's. The team also help to develop the values of self-discipline, fair play, respect for others, and leadership. In addition, the Sports Council encourages pupils to participate in sports and other physical activities in order to become physically fit and to have fun. Through its activities, the Sports Council helps to foster a spirit of sportsmanship and a sense of belonging within the school. In this way, the Sports Council helps to create an environment in which everyone can achieve excellence through Jesus’ love. The Sports Council at St Modwen's have been key advocates for health and fitness, helping to create weekly routines for Wake and Shake and supporting the development of OPAL.