Computing curriculum overview

Our curriculum aims to offer ‘Excellence for all, through Jesus’ love.’

With Jesus at the heart, we intend to provide:

  1. Excellence for all children.
  2. Excellence for all staff.
  3. Excellent spaces and opportunities to learn.

A high-quality computing education equips pupils to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world.'

National Curriculum: Computing

Our Computing curriculum at St Modwen’s is taught both discretely and interwoven within other subjects where there are meaningful links. As children move through our computing curriculum, they will develop an understanding of computer science - the principles of information and computation and how to programme. Our children will recognise the importance of remaining safe online and will develop an understanding of how computing literacy is vital for developing ideas, becoming active participants in a digital world and expressing themselves in a safe and innovative way. They will partake in units of work designed around coding, digital art and online safety as well as learn how to navigate popular computer software such as Word, PowerPoint and Publisher. To support our learning, we utilise the resource Kapow.

Schemes of work, lesson plans and CPD - Kapow Primary