Geography curriculum overview

Our curriculum aims to offer ‘Excellence for all, through Jesus’ love’.

With Jesus at the heart, we intend to provide:

  1. Excellence for all children.
  2. Excellence for all staff.
  3. Excellent spaces and opportunities to learn.

‘A high-quality geography education should inspire in pupils a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people that will remain with them for the rest of their lives.’

National Curriculum: Geography

Our Geography curriculum at St Modwen’s is built on three golden threads: Creation (Physical geography), Community (Human geography) and Compassion (Catholic Social Teaching and our world).  As children move through our geography curriculum, they will develop an understanding of home and belonging, looking in detail at their town and country and then begin to build a national and global context.  Our children will recognise the role they have to play as global citizens and be able to explain how the world has developed and changed over time - not just in terms of physical process, but also how humans’ interactions with the planet have altered its trajectory.  They will partake in rich fieldwork opportunities, learn how to read a range of different maps, and look in detail at some of the worlds’ major countries and cities.  Our Humanities curriculum is structured to leave space for knowledge to embed - this knowledge is revisited when the particular aspect of Humanities is not being taught through regular low-stakes quizzing. (Little and Often quizzes)