Amazing play, everyday, for every child

OPAL is an award-winning, mentor supported school improvement programme that addresses all the areas that schools must plan for if they want to strategically and sustainably improve the quality of their play opportunities. OPAL is the only programme of its kind that has been independently proven to sustainably improve the quality of play in British primary schools.


The benefits of OPAL

More teaching time

Most schools report ten minutes more teaching time per teacher with happier, more creative, and well exercised children who settle to classes much more quickly.

Improved behaviour

OPAL schools report up to 80% decreases in use of behaviour policies and 90% drops in senior leadership time spent in resolving playtime issues.

Faster core skills development

Children at OPAL schools rapidly develop creativity, imagination, cooperation, resilience, stamina and confidence. Inclusion OPAL's approach makes play better for every child, every day...no exceptions!

Happiness and wellbeing

Play is a human need and a human right. Children and staff at OPAL's schools report feeling less stressed and happier, and more excited about school.