Drop off and collections

At the start and end of the school day traffic flow and pedestrian activity around the school is particularly high.  We recognise there will be high volumes of traffic, although we encourage children to walk, cycle or car share to school if possible. We are committed to keeping everyone safe during drop off and collection, and appreciate your co-operation with our systems.

Drop off

When collecting and dropping off using a vehicle, we ask that you drive, park and turn considerately, taking care not to cause obstructions and keeping an eye out for pedestrians.  Children are the responsibility of parents whilst they are in the drop-off areas - before and after the school day.

Our school has been nominated for a SID for the Autumn term.  For more information refer to the website: http://www.staffssaferroads.co.uk/school-sid-programme

Collection from class

We require parents to complete an End of Day Procedure (EODP) form for each child.  This is a procedure to further ensure the safety of all children when leaving school at the end of the school day.  Class teachers will only release children once an adult listed on the EODP form has been seen.  Children who usually walk home without an adult can do so only if this is indicated on the EODP form.  This is also required for children who walk home with older siblings.

  • All parents are asked to collect children from outside their classrooms.
  • Where there are two or more children in one family, parents should go to the class of their youngest child.