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Reporting absences:

If a child is absent due to illness, parents should contact school on the first and each day of their child’s absence from school, before 9:30am. This can be done via ParentMail or by telephone (01283 247560, option 1 for the absence line). The reason for absence should be fully explained, i.e. please give the details of the illness.  School can then decide which code to enter into the register.

Planned absences:

If an absence relates to a legal or educational matter, written details must be provided in advance in order for the absence to be recorded and a decision to be made whether the absence can be authorised. From 1st September 2013, the Department of Education made important changes to the law for families wanting to request leave of absence in term time. Holidays, extended trips to visit families abroad, day trips, visits to theme parks, birthdays and visits to the dentist (unless as an emergency) are not legitimate reasons for requesting exceptional leave of absence. The Local Authority and school governors support this; therefore students will only be given permission to take leave in term time if there are exceptional circumstances.

Planned medical appointments:

Medical appointments in school time should be avoided. This includes routine dental and medical appointments. Parents should, where possible, arrange all routine appointments to take place after school or during school holidays. If the appointment relates to ongoing medical or dental issues, parents are asked to provide proof by means of a medical appointment letter.

All requests to take children out of school, during the school day for medical appointments, should be made in writing or emailed to office@st-modwens.staffs.sch.uk in advance of the absence.