Vision and Values

Together we Achieve, Together we Believe, Together we Care


Together we will be the very best that we can be.



Together we will live, share, experience and celebrate our Catholic faith.



Together we will be a safe, caring community where we value ourselves, respect and care for others and all of God’s creation.


Together we will:


  • Ensure that all children experience success
  • Provide the highest quality of teaching and learning for ALL
  • Monitor and evaluate our performance, as we aim to continually raise standards


  • Inspire children to be passionate about learning.


  • Develop an active partnership in learning with our families, the parish and the local and wider community.
  • Foster an atmosphere, in keeping with the Catholic ethos, that encourages personal and professional development for everyone at school.
  • Help all children become responsible citizens with a positive multicultural awareness.

Knowledge and Understanding

  • Build on children’s knowledge and understanding so that they can all make the best possible progress.

Learning Experiences

  • Make learning, challenging and enjoyable.
  • Use a variety of teaching and learning styles within a curriculum which is creative, broad and balanced.
  • Make effective use of a wide range of resources.
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle

Learning Skills

  • Develop children’s learning skills so that they can become effective lifelong learners.