Meet the Staff


Meet our Team

Our friendly, highly professional staff are dedicated to ensuring that every student fulfils their God given potential, committed to the pursuit of excellence in teaching and learning throughout the curriculum. 


Head Teacher  

Mrs A Sherratt



Deputy  Head Teacher

Miss A Smith


Assistant Head Teacher

Mrs L Chadfield

I have been a teacher for over 8 years and have been EYFS Leader, Assistant Head and Maths Leader for 3 years at St Modwen’s. I have taught throughout all of KS1 and have thoroughly enjoyed helping children to develop across the phase. My passion lies in Early Years where children have their very first experiences of school and I, along with my team of great staff, am able to nurture their love of learning from a young age. Our focus is on developing independent learners who are able to achieve their full potential as they continue their journey through school. In my spare time I enjoy spending as much time as possible with my three young nephews who keep me active!





Assistant Head Teacher

Mr D Quinn

I have been a teacher for over 4 years and joined St Modwen’s as a Year 5 teacher two years ago. I have previously taught in Year 4. This is my second year as RE Leader and also my first year as a Year 6 teacher. I am eager to further develop and improve RE teaching at St Modwen’s. I am passionate about encouraging discussion and debate through my teaching, helping to equip pupils with important life skills. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, visiting new places, and playing football, tennis and Gaelic football.


Pastoral Team Leader

Miss A Smith

I have been a teacher for 3 years and have progressed at St Modwen’s from an NQT. I spent my first two years in Year 3 and I am going into my second year as a Year 2 teacher. I am now Behaviour and Pastoral Team Leader at St Modwen’s and I am eager to get this role underway. I have previous experience working with children who are experiencing emotional and behaviour difficulties and it was this role that equipped me with the skills to take on the new role at St Modwen’s. I am looking forward to supporting the children and staff by implementing various groups and activities to encourage the development of emotional and social wellbeing. I believe being healthy and active can support wellbeing and mental health therefore this is something I will be keen to incorporate into daily life at St Modwen’s. I enjoy being active and keeping fit myself and aim to promote this to the children by being a positive role model. During my spare time I enjoy running, going to the cinema and setting myself challenges to complete (this year was a 26 mile hike for Macmillan).

Business Services Manager

Mrs C Salt


Head Teacher

  • Mrs A Sherratt


Deputy Head Teacher

  • Miss A Smith

Assistant Headteacher

  • Mrs L Chadfield
  • Mr D Quinn

Teaching Staff


  • Mrs L Chadfield
    (EYFS Leader and Assistant Headteacher) & Miss S Budd
  • Miss Z Mallinson


  • Mrs A Pratt (Manager)
  • Mrs A Simpkins (Nursery Nurse)
  • Mrs M O'Brien
  • Mrs S Matkin

Year 1

  • Miss J Crutchley 
  • Miss A Butt

Year 2

  • Miss A Gaffiney 
  • Mrs R Speed

Year 3

  • Mr D Read
  • Mr T Brassington

Year 4

  • Miss A Smith / Mrs J Davison
  • Mrs C Smith


Year 5

  • Mr D Quinn
  • Mrs C Lodge

Year 6

  • Mr P Mawhinney
  • Miss H Goodman

Teaching Assistants

(Various classes and groups)

  • Miss S Budd
  • Miss T Bull (HLTA)
  • Mrs M Drake
  • Mrs S Furniss
  • Mrs M Robson
  • Mrs C Thompson
  • Miss I Inwood
  • Mrs J Makson-Keplacz
  • Miss C Matlby

TA Apprenticeship

  • Miss R Akhtar 
  • Miss A Greaves
  • Miss K Wallis
  • Miss S Sohal

Specialist Teachers/Support

  • Mrs J Davison (SENCo)
  • Mrs T Elsigood (Learning Mentor)


  • Mr N Hubbard

Cleaning Services

  • Provided by Minster Cleaning


  • Mrs A Cooper 
  • Mrs J McDermott
  • Miss S Stretton
  • Mrs C Grainger
  • Mrs R Darotne

Breakfast Club - Energy Kidz

Business, Office & Facilities Manager

  • Mrs C Salt

Administrative Officers

  • Mrs L Roberts
  • Mrs C Nolan 
  • Mrs A Westwood
  • Miss H Page
  • Mrs S Rooney

Lunchtime Supervisors

(Various classes and groups)

  • Mrs G Arnold
  • Miss I Inwood 
  • Miss C Bennett
  • Mr N Isley-Jones
  • Mrs T Joyce
  • Mrs A Kosinska
  • Mrs K Sel
  • Mrs J Makson-Keplacz
  • Mrs P Elson
  • Miss N Inwood
  • Mrs F Shareen